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1 a word picture of a person's appearance and character [syn: portraiture, portrait]
2 acting the part of a character on stage; dramaticially representing the character by speech and action and gesture [syn: characterization, enactment, personation]
3 a representation by picture or portraiture [syn: depicting, depiction, portraying]
4 any likeness of a person; "the photographer made excellent portraits" [syn: portrait]
5 representation by drawing or painting etc [syn: depiction, delineation]

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portray + -al


(US) IPA: /ˌpɔrˈtreɪ.əl/


  1. the act of portraying
  2. the result of portraying; a representation, description, or portrait
    • 1866, Charlotte Yonge, The Dove in the Eagle's Nest
      He had already designed the portrayal of his father as the old white king, and himself as the young white king, in a series of woodcuts illustrating the narrative which culminated in the one romance of his life, ...
    • 1909, Arnold Bennett, Literary Taste
      For days afterwards you will not be able to look upon a child without recalling Lamb's portrayal of the grace of childhood.


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